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"I love dentistry. I love going to work each day and interacting with my patients. I am passionate about my job and the people and communities I serve."

Dr. Giraldo, your cosmetic dentist in Midtown Manhattan, is the owner and main practitioner at New Dimension Dentistry. She graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry in 1989, and built her own office in 1995, where she has been practicing since. Dr. Giraldo offers a full suite of dental services to her patients including cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, Invisalign, Laser Dentistry and more.

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At New Dimension Dentistry, Dr. Giraldo and her team provide exceptional dentistry in an intimate setting. We deliver personalized treatment for each and every patient patient! Our goal is for our patients to have the best experience possible. We want to educate every patient and stress the importance of oral health.

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Our exceptional team delivers a level of service you won't find at most dental offices. Make your appointment today and learn how much of a difference the right dental team can make in your smile.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Gum Contouring

Gums can make a big difference in how your smile looks. A crooked or inflamed gum line can make your teeth look too short or even crooked. If this is the case, you may be a candidate for gum contouring. After determining you are a candidate that could benefit from gum contouring, Dr. Giraldo uses a laser to remove excess gum tissue after which she finishes sculpting your gum line to create a more even smile.

Gum contouring will create a more attractive and balanced gum line, in addition to giving you a healthier mouth. Dr. Giraldo’s skill with a laser will lead you to a painless and more attractive smile.


Dr. Giraldo uses Invisalign, which is nearly undetectable. Invisalign aligners are created with 3-D computer technology to straighten your teeth for an overall aligned smile without the hassle of permanent braces. You’ll receive a new set of aligners every few weeks until your smile has reached your desired goal. Invisalign can straighten your smile, close gaps in your teeth and correct movement after you’ve had braces.

Teeth Whitening

A simple and time effective way to brighten your smile is to try a teeth whitening treatment. Dr. Giraldo’s whitening technique removes stains and discoloration by using non-toxic chemicals. This simple process from beginning to end only lasts about two hours, making it a fast way to give your smile and quick lift. You and Dr. Giraldo will decide how “white” you’d like your teeth to be before adding chemical teeth whitener. This process is faster and less invasive than other dental procedures to fix discoloration such as veneers, making it a great, cost effective way to brighten your teeth and improve your smile.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

White, tooth colored fillings, are a better looking alternative to the more common silver amalgam fillings. Tooth colored fillings are made from a special resin compound that Dr. Giraldo will customize to match your teeth making the filling less visible and hard for others to see.

Although silver and white fillings are applied the same way, white fillings are a cosmetic step to making your smile look smoother and more natural. Before getting these fillings, you may want to consider having Dr. Giraldo whiten your teeth so she can match your fillings to your newly brightened smile.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Your smile is not only a form of expression, it can also change the look of your entire face so there are many pros to improving your smile and raising your confidence in your teeth. Some things that lead to changing your smile could be injury, illness, disfigurements or crooked teeth. Even if it isn’t any of those things, you may just want to change it slightly for an improved overall look. Either way, Dr. Giraldo can help your quality of life by making you more excited and confident about showing your smile to the world. You’re wellbeing and self confidence is worth it, so let us help you feel great about your smile. Learn more about full mouth reconstruction.

Porcelain Veneers

If the issues you want to fix in your mouth are mostly cosmetic, Dr. Giraldo can design a custom set of fitted porcelain veneers that go right over your teeth to create an instant perfect smile! Veneers are a good way to improve the overall look of your teeth by covering cosmetic imperfections such as chips, stains, discoloration and broken or misaligned teeth. Veneers are low profile, non removable, tooth colored sleeves of porcelain that are designed to slip over your teeth. They are created specifically for your mouth and fitted to ensure your comfort. Veneers can be an attractive option to fix all these problems at once.

General Dentistry

Dental Bridges

If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge can be a good solution. A dental bridge is an artificial tooth or set of teeth that Dr. Giraldo uses to replace a missing tooth or hide a gap where more than one tooth is missing. This is a good solution if the tooth is beyond repair and can’t be filled. This simple solution will give you a complete smile without any gaps. After Dr. Giraldo examines your mouth and decided a dental bridge is a good, long term solution for your missing teeth, she will fit your mouth with the dental bridge. She’ll adjust and anchor the bridge until it fits in seamlessly with your intact teeth.

Dental Crowns

Dr. Giraldo uses dental crowns to cover teeth that are misshapen in order to restore function and a seamless look to your teeth. A crown acts as a cap that covers and protects your tooth. These are most commonly made from gold or silver metals but can be made from porcelain and composite resins to create a crown that blends in with your natural teeth. The tooth is smoothed down and fitted with a molded crown. These are a great solution when the damage to the tooth has interfered with its integrity.


Dentures, prosthetic devices used to complete gaps from missing teeth, come in many different designs. The traditional design is removable, but some stay in place by binding or clasping onto teeth or dental implants. Dr. Giraldo will determine the best kind of dentures for your smile before creating and fitting them to your mouth. This process ensures they fit well and are comfortable in your mouth.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth extractions can be important to accomplish positional, structural or economic issues. The most common reasons Dr. Giraldo removes teeth is because they’re growing out of their normal position, which is a common reason wisdom teeth are removed. Extraction or tooth removal is also used to remove teeth that are beyond repair. Patients sometimes use this as an economic solution for patients who can't afford a filling or dental crown on a decayed tooth. Our office can also offer IV sedation by Dr. Suzanna Yu for tooth removal.

Root Canals

Root canals are a procedure used to save badly decayed or otherwise damaged teeth. If not taken care of, the area surrounding the tooth can also become infected, possibly forming an abscess. If you experience tooth pain, it could be because there is bacteria in your tooth canals and Dr. Giraldo will determine if a root canal is necessary using x-rays. If she determines from the x-ray that a root canal is the best course of action, she will perform the procedure to clean out the infected area, removing all harmful bacteria.

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