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5 Non-Cosmetic Reasons to Consider Veneers

Just because you don't have perfect pearly white teeth doesn't mean you can't have confidence in your smile. Veneers are one way to give you the ideal smile that you deserve. However, veneers aren’t only used to fix cosmetic flaws.

At New Dimension Dentistry in Midtown Manhattan, Dr. Doris Giraldo is a veneer expert. Dr. Giraldo and the rest of our compassionate crew deliver beautiful smiles and optimal oral health. As a leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Giraldo is highly skilled in veneer application, helping both men and women enjoy stunning smiles and healthy mouths.

What is a veneer?

Veneers are thin shells that cover your teeth and enhance your smile, making your teeth look and feel strong and healthy.

No two mouths are exactly alike, so our veneers at New Dimension Dentistry are made individually for each patient. They cover up unwanted stains, shapes, or contours of your natural teeth. If you have small tooth gaps and are eager to close them or just don't like the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčorthodontics, veneers are a great option.

Your tooth or teeth remain intact when Dr. Giraldo prepares them for a veneer. A small part of the tooth surface is ground down and then a thin layer of porcelain is capped over top of your tooth, which is the veneer.

5 non-cosmetic reasons to consider veneers

Dr. Girlado applies dental veneers using state-of-the-art, natural-looking materials to correct various cosmetic issues, so patients look great and feel more confident. But you should know that there are even more non-cosmetic reasons to consider veneers.

1. Replace or avoid orthodontics

If you have a gap that bothers you, and you don’t want to wait or pay for orthodontic appliances like braces, a veneer is a perfect solution. A veneer reshapes your teeth, eliminating gaps. Plus, if the teeth abutting the gap are crooked, the veneer makes them appear straight while removing the extra space.

2. Improve oral hygiene

When veneers straighten the shape of your teeth, they also improve your oral health overall. Crooked teeth are difficult to floss and brush between, but straight teeth allow you to clean well between each tooth. This helps avoid bacteria build-up, which can lead to severe issues like gingivitis.

3. Noninvasive and quick

If you’re looking for a fast fix with little to no pain or discomfort, veneers are probably the right choice. In two short visits, Dr. Giraldo repairs any imperfections, giving you a natural and beautiful smile without invasive methods or pricey products.

4. Boost your self-esteem and your mood

If you’re self-conscious about your smile, veneers can help. It’s vital that you love your smile because smiling releases dopamine in your brain, making you happier and improving your mood. Veneers can really give you something to smile about.

5. Long-term solution

Veneers are more affordable than braces, and they last up to 15 years before needing a replacement. They’re an excellent long-term solution to yellow, stained, or dull teeth. They cover chips and cracks to prevent a tooth from further decay. Veneers also turn flaws into flawless smiles.

Are you considering veneers? Perhaps someone in your life would be ecstatic to receive the gift of a perfect smile this holiday season. Call 212-634-2852 to make an appointment, or use our convenient online booking tool.

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