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8 Problems that Veneers Correct

8 Problems that Veneers Correct

Veneers are a great solution for many dental issues. They can repair chipped or cracked teeth, replace missing teeth, or restore a dull, yellowed smile. Veneers are a safe, quick, and effective way to rejuvenate your smile and self-esteem.

As a leading cosmetic dentist, Dr. Doris Giraldo has been restoring and improving smiles for almost three decades in Midtown East, Manhattan. Dr. Giraldo and our team at New Dimension Dentistry use state-of-the-art, natural-looking materials to fix oral health conditions using veneers so patients look and feel great.

We solve many dental problems using veneers. If you’re experiencing any of these eight problems, veneers may be the perfect remedy for you and your smile.

8 problems veneers correct

Veneers improve smiles, but they can also do a lot more. Dental veneers provide many other benefits.

1. Correct a crooked smile

Veneers correct mildly crooked teeth without the wait time or costs that come with traditional braces. Adults with misaligned teeth often avoid braces, but veneers are an instant solution to crooked teeth.

2. Restore tooth size

Teeth grinding (bruxism) wears down teeth over time, making them smaller and impacting your bite. Some patients have naturally small or uneven teeth. In either case, veneers lengthen teeth and make them more proportionate.

3. Reduce a gummy smile

If you’re insecure about having a smile that shows too much of your gum line, veneers can help. When Dr. Giraldo uses veneers to restore tooth size, they can also reduce the appearance of a gummy smile. 

4. Close tooth gaps

Many patients are self-conscious about gaps in their teeth. If gapped teeth make you uncomfortable, veneers close up spaces between teeth and restore your dental health. Without gaps in your teeth, food debris and bacteria won’t be stuck in place, causing oral hygiene problems. Veneers improve your smile by eliminating tooth gaps, helping you maintain better dental health. 

5. Repair broken and chipped teeth

Broken or chipped teeth lead to cuts and bleeding, and they can become sensitive to temperature. Veneers help you avoid these problems by providing a protective shield from food, drinks, or sharp teeth that cause pain.

6. Minimize tooth sensitivity

You may have sensitive teeth that aren’t chipped or broken. If you’re struggling with tooth pain due to hot or cold foods, veneers are ideal for safeguarding sensitive teeth. Dental veneers also shield your teeth from the pain and discomfort that comes with worn enamel.

7. Eliminate tooth ridges

Worn enamel is a natural part of aging. As enamel is worn away, you might notice ridges on your teeth, which can indicate tooth damage or decay. Veneers hide ridges, evening out your teeth and protecting them against further damage. 

8. Brighten your smile

One of the most popular reasons for veneers is to brighten dull, stained, or yellowed teeth. Sometimes teeth whitening treatments can’t hide deep stains. Veneers cover any kind of discoloration, whether from food and drink stains or restoring teeth that have yellowed over time. Dr. Giraldo can give you brighter, whiter teeth so that you feel confident in your smile.

Dr. Giraldo and our team can apply veneers to a single tooth or multiple teeth as part of a complete smile makeover treatment that improves the overall aesthetics of your teeth and smile.

Consider veneers if you’re unhappy with your smile or if you’re experiencing pain from a broken tooth. Let us restore your health and happiness by calling New Dimension Dentistry to discuss your options or request an appointment online.

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