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Help! My Teeth are Yellow

Everyone can have white teeth, including you. Due to genetics, some people are born with darker teeth than others. No one can change your genetics. But regardless of whether discolored teeth are due to genetics or lifestyle, there are always ways to find your way back to a brilliant white smile.

Dr. Doris Giraldo at New Dimension Dentistry serves the brightest smiles in the New York metro area. Dr. Giraldo provides professional whitening to help you achieve a smile that’s several shades lighter than your current look. She uses the most innovative technology to bring you a smile that you’re proud to flash in just one visit. 

Now let's first clarify the most common reasons for tooth discoloration before we look at how you can remedy this on a case-by-case basis.

How does tooth discoloration develop?

When dentists speak of tooth discoloration, they usually differentiate between extrinsic tooth discoloration caused by deposits on the tooth surface, and intrinsic tooth discoloration, which is caused inside the tooth.

Let's start with extrinsic tooth staining to clarify how dark teeth can occur. In most cases, it's a person's lifestyle that causes teeth to lose their natural color. Be it coffee, tea, tobacco, or red wine, all of these can penetrate the biofilm that adheres to your teeth and easily settles in the tooth enamel. 

If you don’t want to exclude these things from your life, it’s essential to ensure that your teeth are cleaned thoroughly. Otherwise, stubborn deposits arise within a very short time, which not only look unsightly but also damage your dental health and can only be removed with professional help.

The situation is somewhat different when intrinsic factors are responsible for tooth discoloration. In addition to genetic predispositions, age, medication use, or certain dental diseases can also cause tooth damage from the inside and subsequent discoloration. 

How to fix yellow teeth safely and professionally

The most important prerequisite for going through life with sparkling white teeth is thorough and regular teeth cleaning. Therefore, brush your teeth regularly, make sure you use the proper technique, and use both fluoride toothpaste and floss. If you also remove any leftover food with mouthwash after brushing, you’ve already done a lot for your dental health.

Do you brush your teeth thoroughly and still suffer from tooth discoloration? Then Dr. Giraldo is the best person to talk to, as she has several options for safely removing discoloration. Professional teeth cleaning is often enough to get you back to life with white teeth. 

Dr. Giraldo applies a chemical solution containing hydrogen peroxide to your teeth. This solution breaks down discoloration and leaves you with a whiter smile in one to two hours. The process removes stains from the surface enamel and is entirely safe and effective.

After Dr. Giraldo applies the hydrogen peroxide, she uses an Ezlase Diode laser to activate it. As a result, you get teeth that are 6-12 shades lighter. The laser works great for those with sensitive teeth or gums. The laser works quickly, so you have less heating time and exposure to the solution that can cause sensitivity.

Take-home whitening kits

If you aren’t ready to commit to in-office whitening, Dr. Giraldo offers a take-home whitening kit. This includes a personalized tray to fit your bite and whitening gel. You place the trays in your mouth for 30-60 minutes at a time each day. The at-home kit takes a little longer to lighten your teeth than the laser, but gets far better results than over-the-counter products.

Since both the causes of tooth discoloration and the treatment options vary from person to person and are therefore extremely diverse, we recommend that you ask our dental experts about your best individual solution. We’re happy to talk with you about your options.

Call us today at 212-634-2852 to make an appointment with Dr. Giraldo or use our convenient online booking tool.

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