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What We Can Do With Laser Dentistry

What We Can Do With Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is the best alternative to conventional, invasive surgeries. This cutting-edge method effectively and comfortably treats a variety of dental conditions. 

At New Dimension Dentistry in Midtown East, Manhattan, Doris Giraldo, DDS, skips the needles and drills in favor of high-powered light energy. Laser dentistry is a modern way of upgrading traditional treatments that cause post-operative discomfort or pain medication.

Dr. Giraldo uses laser dentistry to treat numerous dental conditions quickly and comfortably. Lasers can whiten teeth, eliminate bacteria, find cavities, and more.

Why we use laser dentistry

Using lasers during surgical procedures results in less post-operative pain and consequently less need for medication. Laser dentistry produces better results and broadens our selection of available treatments at New Dimension Dentistry. 

Achieving the perfect smile

Laser dentistry allows patients to achieve optimal oral health and an ideal smile. Dr. Giraldo provides professional whitening for a smile that’s several shades lighter than your current look. She uses laser dentistry technology to give you a perfect smile in just one visit.

Increasing success rates

Dr. Giraldo uses laser dentistry for root canal treatments because a laser can thoroughly eradicate aggressive and persistent bacteria and germs. The laser light reaches the tiniest root canals, far deeper than tools or irrigation solutions can reach. This dramatically improves your chances of having a successful root canal procedure.

Reducing oral bacteria

Dental lasers impress with their improved microbial reduction in gingival pockets and root canals compared to traditional treatment methods.

Gingivitis and periodontitis, two types of periodontal (gum) disease, are silent illnesses that can cause cancer, heart attacks, strokes, tooth loss, and many other serious health problems. Although gum disease begins in your mouth, it has the potential to spread throughout your body and increases your risk of developing a number of illnesses. Laser dentistry targets infected tissue between your teeth and gums to reduce your chances of poor health. 

After cleaning gingival pockets with a specialized ultrasound device and removing the inflamed tissue, Dr. Giraldo uses the laser to perform a delicate but highly effective bacterial reduction.

The laser safely and gently breaks open the bacteria-filled pockets and kills them. This method spares you from taking an antibiotic and dealing with its side effects, making it a particularly gentle process for periodontal patients.

Recovering quickly

Conventional oral surgery requires time off work, pain, swelling, and a liquid diet. Laser dentistry treatments only require a 24-hour recovery period, and most patients only experience minor discomfort. 

Laser procedures offer rapid recovery with little downtime because there is no cutting or stitching. By avoiding traditional surgical tools like scalpels, Dr. Giraldo provides a more comfortable dental experience without bleeding and inflammation.

Countless advantages

Your oral health goes hand-in-hand with laser dentistry. This innovative treatment method is suitable for almost all patients and is especially helpful for anxious patients, children, or those who are sensitive to pain.

The team at New Dimension Dentistry also uses lasers for:

Consider laser dentistry if your goal is preventing gum disease, enhancing your smile, or ensuring a pain-free treatment. Call our New York City office to make an appointment or use the online tool to learn more about how laser dentistry can improve your smile and oral health.

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