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Why a Root Canal is Nothing to Fear

For most patients, the prospect of a root canal treatment is fear-inducing bad news. Thanks to modern root canal treatment, nobody has to be afraid before or during the procedure. There are now reliable methods that enable you to have fear-free and pain-free therapy.

Dr. Doris Giraldo at New Dimension Dentistry in Midtown Manhattan has a team of experts specially trained in root canal treatments and dental anxiety. Our compassionate crew responds to your concerns and wishes to ensure a calm and relaxing treatment. This kind of personalized attention is another building block for painless procedures. After a one-on-one conversation with Dr. Giraldo, you’ll understand that we take your fears seriously.

A consultation usually eases most of your fears, but knowing what a root canal treatment is and how it’s performed can also alleviate anxiety.

When is a root canal treatment necessary?

A root canal is ideal for relieving pain, removing infection, and saving a natural tooth. Beneath the enamel layer of your tooth is a hard substance called dentin. Beneath the dentin is delicate connective tissue called pulp. Inside the pulp is where all the blood vessels and nerves are, so damage, inflammation, or infection is excruciating. 

Once bacteria has penetrated the inside of your tooth and infected the tooth root, you’ll need a root canal treatment. Believe it or not, a root canal treatment is a good thing because this is how Dr. Giraldo preserves your tooth. Saving your natural tooth is our top priority. 

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal is a treatment used to repair and save a badly decayed or infected tooth. Dr. Giraldo removes the nerve and pulp, and then she cleans and seals the inside of the tooth. If a damaged tooth goes untreated, it becomes infected and causes an abscess, resulting in even more pain. A successful root canal treatment can preserve the tooth for many years or even decades.

Why a root canal isn’t scary

New Dimension Dentistry offers sedation dentistry using laughing gas (nitrous oxide) or Intravenous Conscious Sedation (IV sedation). Both of these options keep you relaxed and pain-free during a root canal treatment.

If that doesn’t ease your mind, here are a few things to remember.

Modern dentistry

The progress in modern dentistry today enables largely painless root canal treatments. Dr. Giraldo tailors the local anesthesia to ensure that the sensitive tooth area doesn’t trigger any painful sensations before the root canal begins.

Talk to the dentist

A thorough and insightful talk allows you to entrust your concerns to your dentist. Together with your provider, you’ll choose the best options for your unique needs. A dentist like Dr. Giraldo is specially trained in root canal treatments and is highly skilled in administering treatment painlessly.  Plus, the more you understand the procedure, the more control you’ll feel of the situation, easing your worries. It’s also important that you feel comfortable in our office and trust the entire team. 

Prepare for the root canal

Taking a pain reliever before treatment can lessen the discomfort and reduce the sensation of pain. You can also try meditation and breathing exercises before your appointment, which provides a calm state of mind.

Usually, after a root canal treatment, patients are surprised to find that the procedure wasn’t bad at all. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, don’t wait to call us at 212-634-2852 to make an appointment, or use our convenient online booking tool.

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