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PRP Injections


Despite how life-changing restorative dentistry work can be, it’s not uncommon for those with little experience or a fear of medical procedures to find this process a little overwhelming. That’s more than understandable, and the best dental practices are there to soothe your fears and to show you, step by step, the work they believe is necessary for your best dental health. In other words, a good dentist is a true medical ally worthy of your respect.

Not only that, but dentists are extremely good at adhering to the best and most practical thinking in line with their caregiving strategies, and are willing to recommend the most promising dental services to help with your restorative or correctional work. From there, they are also interested in helping you heal. Finally, dentists worth their weight are interested in helping you learn good life habits related to the upkeep of your dental hygiene and care.

As far as this is concerned, PRP injections check all of those boxes. An incredible measure of stimulating thorough and quick healing after dental procedures, PRP measures have become the new norm in regenerative procedures.

Why This Procedure?

Put simply, Platelet-rich Plasma injections are a means in which to stimulate tissue regeneration. A combination of your own blood and regenerative growth factors, a quick and easy injection of this formula can be a magical means in which to sustain tissue repair. This is also one of the best methods in which to provide dental health recovery in ageing patients. In fact, Dr. Giraldo, our expert cosmetic dentist with over 28 years of experience considers this to be an extremely functional and worthwhile procedure for those encountering cosmetic or restorative work. As such, we believe our practice is one of the best you can visit for the safe and careful application of this procedure.

But What Are PRP Injections?

We’ve given you the basic outline as to how PRP injections can be thought of, and what you may expect when visiting our practice. Inquisitive minds will still wish to know more however, and that’s a brilliant attitude to take when it comes to matters of your own health. New Dimension Dentistry is forever interested in putting knowledge and confidence in your hands relating to all matters of dental health, and so let us dive into this topic a little further:

Used for the past 20 years, PRP therapy has become mainstream thanks to those who swear by its restorative impact. Since then, restorative uses have been found in other forms of medical restoration, such as in exercise science and physical therapy. Dentistry has far and above have been one of the leading medical fields in which this treatment has been developed.

To begin with, the caregiver will take some of your own blood, and apply it to a centrifugation device for the PRP preparation approach. Usually, this will take a little time, and so restorative work is often applied within that timespan. When complete, the PRP injections are prepared in order to have the maximal impact in the best timeframe following a dental procedure.

Perhaps the most promising aspect of PRP injections is that they can be used for a wide array of dental procedures. New Dimension Dentistry is known for a vast array of restorative dental procedures, and many of those are compatible with this procedure. While you will be instructed as to the potential of this restorative work, it’s always best to ask if you should require further information or a breakdown of what to expect. Our team prioritizes standards above all else, and so are happy to help you understand the procedure you will be experiencing in this time frame.

The Process

The process works, step by step, in the following manner:

  1. The injection is applied to your gums in a simple and easy procedure.
  2. Cell growth is stimulated and thus cells divide.
  3. Using broken-down proteins, your body promotes the healing of certain wounds. This is often found in the transfer of special proteins from other areas in order to help with the corrective work.
  4. Bone and tissue growth is improved.

It can seem as though this treatment is too good to be true, but like any great healing and recovery tool, the formula is simply an extension of your own body’s healing process. In other words, it does little to force your body to heal, rather it uses the natural healing capacities of your body and promotes them in the right direction for the best result. This is why the procedure is so widespread and works for a wide array of patients, especially the elderly who may otherwise have to wait longer to heal.

But for what procedures are PRP injections used? To illustrate some examples:

  • Restorative and cosmetic dentistry.
  • Rotten tooth or wisdom tooth extraction.
  • PRP dental impacts or grafts for jawbone reconstructive surgery.
  • Restorative dental work for the elderly.
  • Dental implants.
  • Promoting gum health and tissue development.

Why Us?

New Dimension Dentistry offers a wide array of dental procedures, from Invisalignbone graftingsoft tissue graftingroot canalsinlays and onlaysgum contouring, and that’s just to name a few. We are continually interested in adhering to the best and most proven concepts in dentistry, by updating our methods for the best result, and providing an excellent, safe and thoroughly reliable patient experience.

If you wish to know more about PRP therapy or the wide array of excellent procedures we offer, do not hesitate to contact us today!


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