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Air-Polishing For Dental Cleanings


New Dimension Dentistry is committed to ensuring excellent standards via every single dental procedure completed, and we dedicate ourselves to ensuring your experience is one of the best you can find. It’s important to note however that while the procedures any dental practice opts to carry out is where the bulk of their expertise and experience is utilized, the surrounding hygienic and supportive measures can elevate treatment to the next level.

With that in mind it’s important to consider the true benefit of adhering to the best restorative means of helping each procedure go smoothly. This is exactly where air polishing, using AIR-FLOW® Therapy is so profound. Comfort, safety, hygiene and effectiveness are the four pillars that each and every dental practice adheres to and air polishing is one of those procedures that meets these requirements.

Why Air Polishing?

Compared to conventional methods such as pasting, polishing and scraping or rubber cups, the removal of biofilm is much more effective when an air-polishing tool is utilized. Not only does this remove all of the prior discomfort felt by the patient, but it is safer, more practical for the dentist, and non-invasive. Thanks to this, it is an ideal cleanup solution for those with sensitive teeth or those with restorative dental work. Additionally, orthodontic procedures are much less impacted by this form of cleaning, as no physical tool contact has to take place.

Put simply, air polishing is the use of a pressurized jet of air, water and powder that allows for biofilm, including plaque, stains and other less-visible formulae to easily dissipate and stay removed. This can boast full removal of said biofilm, which allows for dentists to apply a much more consistent treatment across the board. Not only that, but it’s quicker, less invasive, and simply a more pleasant experience compared to conventional methods.

However, this is not an either/or situation. Some dentists will choose to combine methods, using AIR-FLOW® Therapy for the majority of the work that takes place, saving time, energy and effort. From there, they may use rubber cups or other traditional methods to help complete the process, depending on your individual needs.

What Is Biofilm?

Also known as plaque, biofilm is often responsible for a wide array of dental issues. It is hard to spot from a visual standpoint, as it’s often colorless yet somewhat sticky, and cannot be removed by rinsing with water. Even dental care methods such as brushing with a good toothpaste or flossing cannot remove it all, and so dentists will often take careful steps to ensure it is completely removed when applying a dental procedure.

Over time, biofilm can erode the natural enamel of your teeth, especially when sugars lead to a higher acidic profile within the mouth itself. As such, measures such as AIR-FLOW® Therapy are allowing excellent dentists the means to effectively treat this, much more quickly than conventional methods.

Is It Right For Me?

Thanks to how easy and versatile this cleaning method is, most patients will find absolutely no problems adhering to this alternate format. In fact, many dental practices are starting to make it their default standard. However, it’s important to have this conversation with our practice, because hypertension sufferers, those with painful gums or sometimes those with sodium sensitivities (depending on the airflow treatment being used) may be affected.

New Dimension Dentistry will never force upon you any standard without a frank and honest discussion about the best path to take, and so opening up this dialogue can be important. If you wish to learn more, feel free to contact us ahead of time, or make an appointment and we’ll find the best course of action for your needs.

When Is This Applied?

There are a range of everyday and simplified uses that work in a practical context when considering the use of air polishing. They include:

  • Regular removal of biofilm and supragingival plaque.
  • Teeth polishing and stain removal.
  • Effective cleaning prior-and-post procedure.
  • Orthodontic cleaning.
  • Care for dental implants.
  • Maintenance for dental crowns and porcelain veneers.

This is to just name a few moments in which AIR-FLOW® Therapy can be the best option for your procedures.

How Do I Communicate My Interest?

Those interested in transitioning to AIR-FLOW® Therapy as part of their dental care need only ask about its potential. Our practice will have already assessed just what your particular needs are, and if this treatment will be suitable or not. Curating the most practical plan for you, we will be able to explain just how and why you may or may not be suitable for this new biofilm removal method, and the practical results you may feel should you be suitable for it.

Why New Dimension Dentistry?

New Dimensions Dentistry, situated at 133 East 58th Street in New York, NY, offers a wide array of excellent dental procedures and a world-class patient experience. Comprised of a team of incredible professionals led by Dr. Doris Giraldo, adherence to the best practice is a hallmark of the potential offered here. More than solely a cosmetic dentistry practice, we care for a range of healthcare-related conditions and thorough restorative dentistry, with safety, practicality, efficiency and education as top-level priorities we apply each and every day.

As such, the use of AIR-FLOW® Therapy is a practical extension of the continual improvement we hope to apply as a practice. You may read our many patient testimonials to help you understand just how and why we have a growing list of patients with a wide array of dental necessities, and why they continue to select our practice above all. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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