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    Welcome From Dr. Giraldo

    I was trained at NYU Dental School, and I have been practicing Dentistry in Midtown East NYC for over 20 years. I treat everyone from children to the elderly in a wide variety of treatments. I want you to know, I am here to help.


    Cosmetic Dentistry

    A Long Time Patient’s Review

    I love Dr. Giraldo. I love the kind of human being she is. I feel extremely comfortable here.

    Revisión del paciente desde hace mucho tiempo

    Me encanta el Dr. Giraldo. Me encanta el tipo de ser humano que es. Me siento extremadamente cómodo aquí.


    Siempre me han hecho sentir muy bien!

    Why Do You Like Coming to See Dr. Giraldo?

    I heard that Dr. Giraldo was a very good dentist. Everybody is so welcoming… I feel good here.


    Dental Crowns

    One Day Dentistry – Crowns in One Visit

    We use the Cerec 3D Tooth Restoration system to produce dental crowns and white fillings or porcelain to fill a cavity or replace the silver fillings.


    Dental Implants

    Dr. Giraldo’s Specialty Implants

    Dental Implants are the new standard of care for missing teeth, and can last a lifetime.


    Dental Sealants

    Why do you keep coming to see Dr. Giraldo?

    Not only is Dr. Giraldo gentle with her touch, but she’s very knowledgeable on the new technology, new services that there are to keep my teeth in optimal health.


    General Dentistry

    Why did you choose Dr. Giraldo for dental care?

    I was very happy I chose her because she has a lot of knowledge, she explains what she is doing and why, and she has a very gentle touch.

    I’ve been coming to see Dr. Giraldo for ten years.

    She takes care of me and my two daughters. She is terrific because she’s prompt, she’s painless, the staff is efficient, and she’s great in emergencies.


    I’ve been coming to see Dr. Giraldo for over 20 years!

    I recommend her to all my family and friends and coworkers. I absolutely love her.

    By far, the best dentist I’ve ever had.

    I’ve been coming to see Dr. Giraldo for five years now. This is by far the best dentist I’ve ever had.


    No More Anxiety!

    It’s a relaxing place to come, rather than a stressful one. I’ve had nothing but wonderful care, and the follow-through has been amazing.


    Gum Disease

    Problems with Gum Recession

    Gum recession can lead to bone loss, decay, sensitivity, and periodontal disease.



    I came to see Dr. Giraldo for Invisalign Treatment.

    I was very interested in Invisalign treatment, and I’m extremely happy with Dr. Giraldo’s services here at New Dimension Dentistry.

    I enjoy coming to see Dr. Giraldo for Invisalign!

    It’s been a pleasure working with the staff, from the person who calls to set the appointment, to seeing Dr. Giraldo. I’m confident that I’m going to get the best service.


    My experience with dental implants with Dr. Giraldo.

    Now I have a full set of straight teeth, and I’m able to do all the things I couldn’t do before the procedures.

    My family’s experience with Dr. Giraldo

    I came for teeth whitening and invisalign, but she also sees my husband and my daughter, and she has made our experience very comfortable here.


    New Patient with Great Results

    I moved from California and was referred to Dr. Giraldo by my co-workers, and so far my results are great!

    Nervous about the dentist? Not anymore!

    I remember my first time coming to see Dr. Giraldo, when she asked me what kind of music I liked! I could listen to music, and it helped me cool down and feel at home. I’m loving it.


    Dr. Giraldo’s follow-up is really wonderful.

    I’ve been coming to see Dr. Giraldo for more than ten years. The office has been really wonderful with all my concerns. Even my children enjoy coming here.

    My teeth are straight!

    I’ve been coming here for Eleven years. Dr. Giraldo is like a second mom to me. I had Invisalign done and my teeth are straight!


    I’ll keep coming to see Dr. Giraldo.

    The staff is very friendly, warm, and knowledgeable, and more importantly, Dr. Giraldo is invested in my care.

    Dr. Giraldo est excellent!

    La Dre Giraldo et son équipe sont très attentives et répondent bien à toutes les questions et incertitudes. Elle et son équipe assurent le suivi après chaque rendez-vous et sont très investies dans ce qui se passe.


    Minha experiência com o Dr. Giraldo

    O Dr. Giraldo é ótimo no que faz.


    Restorative Dentistry

    I feel confident smiling at the world.

    I’ve been coming to see Dr. Giraldo for a long time and has taken care of my teeth, and I feel great.

    A Review of Dr. Giraldo and Her Team

    The staff is very wonderful. They are friendly, enthusiastic, and you can tell that they do take pride in the care of the patients.


    I wasn’t happy with the appearance of my teeth.

    Dr. Giraldo has educated me about how to take care of my teeth, and I’m much happier now with the appearance of my teeth. I also like that I feel like home in her office.


    My dental emergency with Dr. Giraldo

    I needed a root canal, and I was able to call her on the fly and run in her door. She met me on her own time to take care of my issue.


    Teeth Grinding

    Grinding Your Teeth?

    If you find yourself in stressful situations, with a sleep disorder, abnormal bite or crooked teeth, you may develop a tooth grinding habit, or bruxism. We can help.


    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth Whitening with Dr. Giraldo

    We perform teeth whitening to remove stains or discoloration from the surface enamel.

    I get compliments on my teeth!

    I have been coming to see Dr. Giraldo for the last 20 years. I have had root canal treatments, Invisalign, and teeth whitening. I just want you to know I’m so happy.


    Tooth Whitening

    Tooth discoloration is caused by the liquids we drink, certain antibiotics, tobacco, aging, and excessive fluoride. There is no need to be self-conscious about the color of your teeth. We can help.