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Gum Contouring


When some patients look in the mirror, one of the first parts of their bodies that they notice is their mouth. Some people feel their teeth should be whiter, straighter, etc. One thing that more and more patients are starting to notice is their gums. Some gums overpower the smile, making the teeth look extremely short (like baby teeth), and some can make your smile look crooked. There are a few causes for these “gummy smiles” such as genetics, effects from medications and distorted gum development.

After an evaluation by Dr. Doris Giraldo and, possibly, X-rays, she will determine if you are a candidate for gum contouring using a laser. Using the laser, Dr. Giraldo can sculpt your gum line by removing excess gum tissue to expose more of your teeth. After removing the extra tissue, she can reshape your gums to create a more balanced smile.

What does gum contouring involve?

Gum contouring is a relatively simple procedure that involves reshaping your gums with the use of a laser. While it might sound concerning at first, there is minimal discomfort when the laser is controlled by cosmetic dentist professionals such as Dr. Giraldo and her team. The idea behind gum contouring is to reshape the gums to your liking. It’s often known as gum reshaping or even gum sculpting. This is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure because it offers many advantages such as removing infected gum tissue, dealing with a gummy smile and improving your smile.

Uneven gums can often be caused by your genetics. Some people are simply born with their gums resting higher or lower than others, and this could greatly affect the appearance of your teeth. However, uneven gums can also occur from health issues or when using certain types of medication. If your gums are resting too high, then this could actually be a dental health issue since it indicates receding gums. If that’s the case, our dental team would be more than happy to assist you with our full suite of dental health procedures and examinations.

If you think that gum contouring might be the solution to your dental woes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today to learn more about gum contouring. We’d be happy to schedule you for a consultation with one of our cosmetic dentistry experts to give you more details about the procedure, to see if you’re an ideal candidate and also to provide a elevated level of care and attention to help you feel at ease.

Who is gum contouring ideal for?

Gum contouring is great for patients that feel there is too much gum in their smile. Despite taking great care of your teeth and gums, having too much of your gums in your smile can make your teeth appear shorter than normal. This doesn’t display the full beauty of your teeth, hence it can make your smile look a little underwhelming.

Some patients might also find that their gums are uneven, creating an unbalanced appearance or even making their teeth look crooked. In this case, gum contouring could be a great option to help make your teeth look straighter while also improving the beauty of your smile.

Lastly, gum contouring can be used as a precursor to other cosmetic dentistry procedures. For example, if you’re interested in getting teeth whitening but your gums are covering much of your teeth, then gum contouring can be used to get better access to the surface of your teeth. Exposing more of your teeth will make additional cosmetic procedures easier and also make the changes stand out more.

If a patient is unhappy with their smile’s appearance, then gum contouring could be an option to help them perfect it. Dr. Giraldo will help evaluate your gums and teeth to determine if you’re an ideal candidate for the cosmetic procedure. If you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today about your circumstances to see if a gum contouring procedure is ideal for you.

What are the benefits of gum contouring?

Gum contouring can provide you with a wide range of advantages.

  • The appearance of your gums is reduced
  • Your gums will be shaped more evenly
  • Your teeth will appear straighter and healthier
  • It can remove infected gum tissue
  • It increases the surface area of your teeth, preparing it for cosmetic dentistry
  • It can help beautify your smile

Gum contouring is a fantastic way to improve the overall appearance of your teeth and smile. By carefully reshaping your gums, we can help you straighten the appearance of your teeth and make them look healthier and fuller. By increasing the amount of visible surface area, we can also prepare your teeth for other cosmetic procedures or to even give your teeth a deeper clean.

The procedure itself takes about 30 minutes if only a small amount of excess tissue needs to be removed. With gum contouring, your gum line will appear more attractive and a lot healthier. Dr. Giraldo’s expertise not only with the laser but with performing gum contouring with the laser, allows her to gently re-create your entire smile tooth by tooth without discomfort.

Why choose New Dimension Dentistry?

New Dimension Dentistry is led by Dr. Doris Giraldo, one of the best cosmetic dentists in Midtown East NYC. She leads her team of professional dental staff to provide a full suite of dental services to her patients. This includes cosmetic dentistrydental implantsInvisalignlaser dentistry and more.

Our team aims to provide high-quality dentistry using the latest dental technology. Our focus on mastering the latest techniques means that we can deliver state-of-the-art treatments to every one of our patients. With our dedication to customer service, we also prioritize personalized treatments for each patient to ensure that they’re getting the care and individual attention that they need to fulfill their dental needs.

With our friendly staff and a relaxing environment, Dr. Giraldo and her team are confident that they can make a difference in your dental health and smile.

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Dr. Giraldo and her experienced team at New Dimension Dentistry are here to help you with any of your gum contouring needs. Whether it’s an additional procedure before your cosmetic dentistry or to help you reduce your gummy smile, we’re more than happy to assist you. Contact us today to book your consultation or to learn more about gum contouring and its benefits for your smile and dental health.



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