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If you are someone who has missing teeth, then you know how hard it can be to have a smile with gaps. It can make you feel self-conscious about your teeth and your smile. It can also mean that you might have some trouble eating certain foods, or even talking with a lisp. The good news is that dental bridges can help to fill in those gaps, and can make your smile look natural, just as you want it.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges can be a great solution if you have missing teeth, or have gaps between your teeth. They are supported by surrounding teeth, so they work if you have lost several teeth. Unlike dentures, because they are designed to be something that is removable, dental bridges are secured and fixed into place. As a result, it means that you don’t have to worry about the dentures falling out of place. This can make the bridges simpler to clean, because you can brush them like you would with any of your other natural teeth. Dental bridges are put in place over other teeth, with the help of some metal framework, so any gaps aren’t as noticeable as they might be with dentures.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

If you are thinking about some cosmetic work for your teeth, because of gaps in your teeth or because of missing teeth, then dental bridges are something to definitely think about. Dr. Doris Giraldo has years of experience in cosmetic dentistry, and can offer you a professional experience at New Dimension Dentistry. But other than aesthetics, what can dental bridges do for you? Here are some other benefits to think about.

  • Even bite forces: If you have a missing tooth, then some of your teeth will start to overcompensate for the missing tooth (or teeth), which can compromise their health as a result. Many people who have missing teeth and don’t do anything about it, can often end up with more missing teeth, as there is more pressure on their existing teeth. Having a dental bridge will even out the force that comes from biting and so on, which will help your whole mouth and your teeth be stronger and healthier.
  • Face shape: your jaw needs to have stimulation from your teeth, in order to stay healthy and strong. If you have missing teeth or overly gappy teeth, then your jaw doesn’t get what it needs. As a result, it can start to lose its strength, which can mean that your face shape starts to change. Dental bridges can help to imitate the stimulation that a natural tooth would give, helping to keep your face shape as it is, and keep your jaw feeling strong.
  • Keep teeth close together: Teeth can naturally start to spread out, especially if there are some gaps to fill. So even just having one missing tooth could alter your whole smile over time. So a dental bridge is what you need in order to fill those voids so that your teeth can stay straight.

How Are Bridges Installed?

Dental bridges can replace one tooth or quite a few teeth. But if more than one tooth needs to be replaced, the bridge will be a group of fused together artificial teeth. Dr. Giraldo will make sure that the teeth around the gap are ready to have dental crowns on them, so that your dental bridges will last. After that, Dr. Giraldo will make a model of the crowns that you have, and the missing teeth, so that they will fit exactly, and fill the gap as required. While that model is being manufactured, Dr. Giraldo will fit you with a temporary bridge so that your teeth will be protected, and the tooth gap is filled temporarily. When the crowns are made, which will be the permanent bridge, Dr. Giraldo will adjust the bridge and anchor it, so that they will be permanently and securely fixed to the teeth.

What Types of Dental Bridges Are Available?

Traditional Bridges, as the name suggests, is one of the most popular. This is where the bridge is made up of one or more fake teeth, which is held into place by dental crowns. These dental crowns are then attached to the teeth, next to where your missing tooth is. You can have a traditional bridge when you have natural teeth on each side of the gap, where your missing tooth is.

Cantilever Bridges can be an option if you are looking to replace missing teeth. Although similar to a traditional bridge, the fake tooth only has support on one side, rather than there needing to be teeth on both sides. So if you are missing a few teeth, or only have one tooth next to the gap, you can still get a bridge and get the smile that you want.

Maryland Bonded Bridges are another alternative to traditional bridges on your teeth. This kind of bridge is made up of one fake tooth that is kept in place by a metal, or even a porcelain, framework. This is attached to the back of the two teeth that are next to the missing one. This kind of bridge isn’t kept in place by any crowns, so the teeth that are adjacent don’t need to be filed.

Request an Appointment

If you are a patient with missing teeth, then make an appointment today to see if a bridge is going to be something that would work for you, and talk through what kind of options there are available. Midtown East Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Doris Giraldo and the rest of our team will evaluate your teeth, mouth, and smile, and then talk to you about how you feel, and then what your options are from there. We look forward to hearing from you, so do contact us today.



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