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iTero Digital Scanner


A powerful device for modern dental practices

Medical professionals rely on powerful equipment that enables them to meet the needs of their patients. The iTero digital scanner is one such tool, owing to its plethora of functions and importance in modern prosthetic dentistry.

What Is The iTero Digital Scanner?

Dentists need tools that allow them to visualize and model the mouths of their patients. After all, everyone is different. The iTero digital scanner is a device with both a scanning wand and a display. Practitioners hold the wand up to the patient’s mouth. As it scans, it sends information to a screen where practitioners can immediately visualize the structure of the teeth and gums.

The benefits of the iTero digital scanner are extraordinary, especially for dentists who work with crownsdental implantsbridgesdentures, and orthodontic appliances (such as Invisalign).

Why Our Patients Love The iTero Digital Scanner

The iTero digital scanner comes with a host of features that help to convert a patient’s mouth into a digital model, without the need to take impressions. It offers a superior experience for patients.

High-Definition Touch Display

Dentists need to be able to visualize the mouth to be able to carry out treatment to a high standard. Unfortunately, it is often difficult to characterize the structure of the teeth, remember the layout, and prepare treatment at the same time.

The high-definition touch display of the iTero leaves nothing to chance. It displays a genuine, life-like color image of the teeth and gums in 3D that dentists can then adjust and rotate, even while wearing gloves.

Better Comfort

The iTero machine provides patients with better comfort. In the past, if a dentist wanted to take an impression of teeth, they had to fill a tray with dental putty, get the patient to bite down, and then wait for the paste to harden.

While it sounds straightforward in theory, it is anything but in practice. The putty, for instance, can ooze out of the tray at the back of the mouth, inducing the gag reflex, which is distressing. Plates themselves don’t fit all mouth shapes, making them uncomfortable. And even newer technologies that use sticky powder are still not ideal for the vast majority of people.

iTero gets around all these problems. The dentist simply scans the mouth with the digital wand to create a 3D image at 20 frames per second to map the structure. The treatment takes between three and five minutes, and once it is done, the dentist can then create all manner of prosthetics and orthodontic devices, customized to fit precisely.

Higher Precision

There’s another reason why patients love the iTero digital scanner: it offers higher precision. Trays and putty is distinctly 20th-century technology. In most cases, it did the job, but it wasn’t ideal. Not only was it uncomfortable, but it also came with a high level of imprecision. Dentists never knew whether they were working with accurate molds, which was a problem when creating prosthetics with small tolerances, like implants.

The iTero improves on the accuracy of old methods dramatically. For patients, it means less time in the dentist’s chair and a better fit for any prosthetics or orthodontic devices that they receive.

Streamlined Invisalign Treatment

Creating Invisalign retainers is a challenging process. Not only do you have to create a series of orthodontic devices that gradually transition the teeth to their desired position, but you also have to make a retainer that will fit the teeth in their current state.

iTero scanning dramatically cuts down on the time that it takes to create an Invisalign retainer. By creating accurate digital images of the teeth, Invisalign gets sub-millimeter-accurate models to work with that provide a higher level of precision than old putty-and-tray technologies. For patients, this means a better overall experience and less time adjusting Invisalign prosthetics.

Color Representation

The color of teeth is just as important as the layout. Dentists and lab technicians use color technology to see precisely where the teeth end and the gums begin. For people who wear dentures, this is a massive positive. Manufacturers often make dentures with pink acrylic to simulate the gum to provide a better gum line than the patient has naturally. With accurate scanning, they can now create more realistic gum lines. The same applies to dental crowns and other prosthetics. Better scanning means better results.

Why Choose Dr. Giraldo And The New Dimension Dentistry Team?

Here at New Dimension Dentistry, we’re always looking for the latest technological innovations to improve the patient experience. The iTero device is one of the most exciting developments in the dental field for many years, offering dentists a non-invasive tool that allows them to model a patient’s mouth and create custom prosthetics.

At New Dimension Dentistry, you get all of the benefits outlined above, such as more accurate prosthetics and better comfort in the dentist’s chair. Remember, the iTero device is totally non-invasive. It is just a scanning wand that the dentist places near your teeth.

iTero isn’t the only reason to choose us, either. Our service revolves around four key pillars.

The first is offering high-quality dentistry. We carefully select team members who provide dental services at our practice. Dr. Doris Giraldo and the team focus on delivering a personalized dental experience designed for the needs of every patient.

The second pillar of our service is using the latest and greatest technology, such as the iTero. With modern advanced dental technology, we’re better able to characterize your mouth and provide you with better-fitting prosthetics than regular practices.

Third, we also prioritize your experience. Our dental offices offer a comfortable and relaxing environment that will immediately put you at ease. Dental experiences with us reduce stress.

And, lastly, all of our staff are friendly and gentle in their approach to dental care.

Are you interested in benefiting from a dental practice that uses the latest dental technology, such as the iTero digital scanner? Contact us today to find out more.


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