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At New Dimension Dentistry, Dr. Doris Giraldo and her team are always focused on delivering the best care for their patients. This means ensuring a place at the cutting edge of dentistry. Not only have proprietary products such as Invisalign given dentists new possibilities related to how they care for their patients, but general dentistry is also continually refining its care giving output, allowing for a higher degree of versatile care.

New Dimension Dentistry is proud to utilize a range of essential dental technologies to provide ever-increasing quality of care for our patients. As such, we hope to help illustrate some of the products we use so you can feel informed throughout all aspects of your experience with us. We would warmly recommend scheduling an appointment as well as contacting us should you require further information.

CEREC Primescan AC

In order to provide the best care we can, it’s essential to scan and use our digital workflow to identify dental necessities and then organize that work. The CEREC Primescan AC system allows us realistic and accurate digital imaging of your entire dental model, giving us the tools to make the most informed care giving choices we can. With its clear user interface and easy-to-handle software sensor, we are able to digitize a perfect representation of your dental state, allowing us to catch and prevent potential issues, remain pixel-point accurate with our treatment applications, and ensure full confidence in our treatment suggestions.

This utility offered by CEREC technologies allows us a means to apply the best restorative dentistry through restoring damaged teeth with the easy application of CEREC crowns, often completed within the same day – avoiding unnecessary measures such as temporary crown work. They are immediately customized for your individual crown needs. CEREC material is also a worthy contender for tooth fillings and backed by the digitization of your dental environment, we can do so with comprehensive speed and accuracy.

CT Scanner

For a more comprehensive view of your dental environment, we also use CT Scanner technologies. This represents a fully digitized, completely robust view of your teeth and jawline, allowing us to spot infections, consider the best application of dental implants and to make other dental assessments conducive to this work. The CT scanner is a means in which we can immediately research and understand a patient’s needs, preventing the need for advanced referrals while also boasting the minimal amount of radiation exposure, not otherwise found in more utilitarian CT scanner options.

Biolase Waterlase Laser

Laser dentistry is among one of the best revolutions in modern and practical dentistry habits, allowing dentists to approximate the best solution in a minimally invasive manner. Waterlase lasers utilize water, air and laser energies in order to curate restorative work on the tissue within the mouth. This allows for immediate recuperative and accurate laser application to restore, clean and repair teeth without causing microfractures. This is also much more comfortable for our patients. A priority of ours is giving our patients the most comforting and informed dental care experience, and so we are proud to adopt the Biolase Waterlase platform in our work.

iTero Digital Scanner

The iTero Digital Scanner provides a thorough set of utilities for any dentist hoping to approximate the best Invisalign care. Scanning your dental environment alongside simulating your potential treatment with the Invisalign Outcome Simulator as well as OrthoCAD utilities, real-time visualization of how we may best help your teeth restore their natural straightness and to do so in a non-invasive, thoroughly accurate manner gives us a greater degree of utility and practicality when recommending treatment.

The real-time visualizer and easy-to-utilize workflow also gives us convenience and reliability in our dental applications, allowing us to continually come to the best result and maintain those thorough high standards we are known for.

Laser Bacterial Reduction

Laser Bacterial Reduction for cleanings aided by proprietary adopted platform, AIR-FLOW® Therapy, gives us a greater degree of control when removing your biofilm and unlocking the keys to greater dental health. Fighting periodontal disease requires a careful and attentive approach, removing pathogens that can grow if not attended to. AIR-FLOW® Therapy utilizes accurate air pressure to polish and restore gum health while removing biofilm deposits and dental debris respectively.

AIR-FLOW® Therapy gives us the chance to apply a quick and simple procedure that provides a seamless dental cleaning. This encourages less inflammation, less chance for bleeding or swelling of the gums, and a state of the art laser application which guarantees safety and comfort.

Air-Polishing for Cleanings

Another non-invasive procedure, Air Polishing for cleanings allows for a means to avoid pasting, polishing, scraping or rubber cups as were the conventional methods. Instead, a pressurized jet of powder, air and sometimes water can allow for the complete removal of biofilm without your dentist having to spend too much time identifying and scraping out the minutiae of biofilm.

As biofilm can erode the natural coating of your mouth, lead to infections and cannot be removed with conventional cleaning, air polishing can allow a ‘reset’ of your dental environment each and every time you visit. This allows for the removal of supragingival plaque, stain removal, implant maintenance, the maintenance of installed crowns and also orthodontic care. AIR-FLOW® Therapy is becoming a standard among many excellent dental practices, but it does require a deft touch and a caring professional to use accurately, and this is why Dr. Giraldo of New Dimension Dentistry should be your first choice.

PRP Injections

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections allow for immediate stimulation in tissue regeneration. Through a mixture of your own blood and PRP formulas, we are able to ensure that your gum health is continually assessed and improved, especially after vast or intensive dental work. This is also thoroughly worthwhile for aging patients with a higher likelihood of gum disease to receive, not to mention the excellent consequences for bone and tissue growth, both enjoying marked improvement.

Nitrous Oxide

We understand that restorative dental work can sometimes be anxiety-inducing, particularly with more invasive procedures. That is why we utilize the best Nitrous Oxide gas to help patients manage pain and anxiety during intensive procedures. We also administer it gently in order to help you soothe into the experience on our practice chairs, and you should come back to cognition carefully and seamlessly after the work is complete, allowing you to return to work later that day.

Nitrous Oxide is a safe, proven form of ensuring the best sedation dentistry work, and can be customized to your needs. This also helps us totally avoid the need for needles or IV sedation as those can, quite understandably, promote further anxiety. At New Dimension Dentistry we wish to slot into your life schedule to encourage your continual dental health, and you’re more likely to make room for us if you are guaranteed a comfortable, rewarding experience each time. Our profound respect for each patient allows us confidence when utilizing services like this.

We would warmly recommend you contact us should you wish for a dental appointment or to talk through your options. Dr. Giraldo and her team look forward to meeting you.


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