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Laser Bacterial Reduction


The best dental practices are those that use industry-leading methods to ensure you gain a reliable and safe dental procedure each and every time. This is the ethos behind New Dimension Dentistry, led by Dr. Doris Giraldo and our excellent team. As such, Laser bacterial reduction therapy is among the new and exciting set of procedures we offer, allowing you to once again unlock the keys to optimal dental health.

What Is Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy?

Biofilm, an organized form of microorganisms such as bacteria that can lead to a wide array of dental health defects, are among one of the health hazards that dentists remove and clean every single day. However, despite excellent methods such as AIR-FLOW® Therapy aimed at removing plaque from the surface enamel and gums, sometimes this is not always enough for subgingival bacteria, especially in the periodontal pocket. This can also be made worse via irregular or insufficient dental hygiene habits on the part of those wishing for the therapy. This can, unfortunately, lead to periodontal disease among other dental issues.

This is where Laser Bacterial Reduction Therapy can come into play, as one of the most effective methods for fighting periodontal disease. Using a laser light tool, treating the biofilm is used as an additional method of restoring hygiene and cleansing depth to the dental environment. This is aimed at eliminating periodontal pathogens that can otherwise grow without careful attention.

Put simply, the laser tool is a quick, easy and effective measure for dentists to ensure they have covered the entirety of the mouth, significantly reducing the potential for subgingival periodontal pathogens from growing. This also prevents cross-contamination of infections, which can be a very important thing to manage in those with poor dental health. Of course, removing harmful bacteria is more than a simple dental hygiene issue. You can see how this restoration can affect other matters relating to your health, such as a boost in your immune system potential. Additionally, positive effects like managing inflammation can be curated and best approached.

What Is Periodontal Disease?

But what is this disease, and why should I be worried about it? Put simply, periodontal gum disease is a painful, inflammatory and pathological condition surrounding the bones and gums of the teeth. It is more likely in those that are aging, but it can also be experienced by any age group. In children, it is mostly referred to as gingivitis, and most children will experience at least some form of inflammation as far as this is concerned. This can be chronic or acute.

When periodontal disease is present, it will affect the bone and tissues surrounding it. It can be defined by small spaces between the tooth and gums. This in itself leads to the spread of bacteria that can be so harmful for dental health. Thankfully, while gingivitis is a common issue to experience, it’s not certain to transform into periodontal disease. However, a good dentist will be able to assess your dental health and see this condition within a matter of moments, and also apply preventative measures aimed at catching it early. This can help limit the onset of negative outcomes, such as loose or even the loss of teeth.

What Should I Expect?

Laser bacterial reduction is a quick and simple procedure, which means that it is non-invasive and also easy for the qualified dentist to approximate regular results and careful application. This, in itself, can mean even those with slight nerves surrounding dental work have nothing to fear. That, combined with Dr. Giraldo’s 30 years of experience should allow for a seamless experience.

That being said, we warmly encourage you to ask us the questions you have in mind, in order to soothe the fears you may have going forward. After all, we believe that a confident, informed and well cared for dental patient is someone who can unlock the keys to their own dental health, and will feel much more inspired to follow their best dental hygiene practice.

What Are The Benefits?

See an itemized listing of the benefits you can expect after an LBR procedure:

  • Less inflammation.
  • Thorough targeting of bacterial colonies, especially those unable to be met via other dental procedures.
  • Reduce plaque buildup by targeting the source, not the symptoms.
  • State-of-the-art laser application, meaning enhanced safety and comfort.
  • A quick, simple and easy procedure.
  • Less swelling in the gums.
  • Less bleeding in the gums.
  • Less tissue damage.

Why New Dimension Dentistry?

New Dimension Dentistry, based in Midtown East NYC is a thoroughly proven and caring dental practice that seeks to inform and protect their patients with care. We have a proven track record of excellent care, and offer a vast array of restorative and cosmetic dentistry options. We’re also interested in helping you unlock the best of your dental health, and to provide you support and advice when it comes to the practical realities of your dental hygiene maintenance. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!


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