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Laser Dentistry


Laser dentistry is an effective way to treat your teeth, and using lasers, help a number of dental conditions. It is a trusted practice that has been used for a number of decades in dentistry, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in the best hands with Dr. Doris Giraldo and her team. Dr. Giraldo has extensive experience with laser dentistry. Plus, if you are a patient that does not like the thought of needles and drills for dental care, then laser dentistry could be the right choice for you. It can be a more comfortable option for you as a patient, but still effective for your dental needs.

How laser dentistry works

The instrument used for laser dentistry creates some light energy, which is then focused into a narrow beam. This laser light will then produce a reaction when the light hits the tooth or gum, to shape it, or remove it, depending on what your dental needs are. With laser dentistry, you can treat a number of issues:

  • Enamel care and working on the enamel of your teeth
  • Decay can be found on your teeth, as well as in your teeth, and lasers can be used to find and remove it
  • Gums can be just as important in dental care as your teeth. Lasers can help your gums and spot gum disease. Laser technology can target the infected tissue between your teeth and your gums. The laser can get rid of the bacteria that cause a number of dental issues
  • Lasers can be used for your entire family, so pediatric procedures can be done using a laser as well, which is helpful with nervous children
  • Lasers dentistry can help with ulcer treatments
  • For little ones with tongue-tie, a laser can be used to release it, without the need of sutures or anesthesia
  • Standard dental surgeries like root canals can be completed using lasers
  • Our dental team can detect any cavities, which is great for preventative dentistry
  • Lasers can also be used for teeth whitening
  • Lasers can treat hypersensitivity of your teeth as well

Laser dentistry can work for a variety of dental care needs. Contact our dental office to learn how laser dentistry can work for you.

There can be a perception with some patients that lasers are dangerous and painful. But in fact, although not completely free of pain, it is not dangerous. You will meet with our trained team of experienced dental professionals who have years of laser dentistry experience. Our dental office is set up to ensure a safe and comfortable procedure for you.

If you think that you’ll need to have a numbing injection to start with, then you’ll be pleased to hear that in most cases it is not necessary. There are no vibrations or heat from a drill, so a laser can be a much more comfortable dental procedure. There is also faster healing with laser dentistry because there is no cutting, which is something you might have experienced with previous dental procedures. Laser dentistry has been proven to work and be safe on both adults and children, so it is something that the whole family could benefit from.

Benefits of laser dentistry

We have talked about some of the benefits, such as a more comfortable dental procedure compared to drills, and faster healing time, but are there any other benefits that you should know about laser dentistry?

  • There is likely to be a decreased need for having to have any sutures with lasers because there is no drilling or cutting
  • Because a laser is used, less bleeding will occur, as there is less ‘cutting’ and a laser promotes blood clotting
  • There will be some laser dentistry procedures that don’t involve any anesthesia
  • Lasers are great for sterilizing the area, so there is a lower chance of any bacterial infections
  • As has been mentioned, there can be a faster recovery than other methods of dental work
  • Laser dentistry can mean that there is less damage to the area and the tissues surrounding where the work has been done

What risks are associated with laser dentistry?

There are some risks with laser dentistry, as there is with anything. However, the risks of laser dentistry are rather small. Regardless, you should let qualified professionals to do the work, which is exactly what we can offer. Our dental team will use the correct wavelength for all that you need, with the right power level, in order to avoid tissue damage. Of course, Dr. Giraldo will have all of the safety procedures in place, with safety glasses to protect your eyes from the laser, and so on.

Preventive Dentistry

Lasers are a method that can work as a preventive measure, and can be used for diagnosing cavities early, which can be a benefit for patients of all ages. Using the laser technology, our experienced dental team can detect hidden decay in teeth, all while it is in the early stages. This can help us to work with you, in order to deal with the hidden cavity before it becomes an actual cavity, with things like improved dental hygiene and using fluoride. You may then never need to have a tooth filling; another great benefit of using lasers in dentistry.

Schedule an Appointment

If you are anxious or concerned about dental care methods that include cutting and sutures in dental surgery, for any member of the family, then contact us to see how laser dentistry could benefit you. Being able to make a decision, armed with all of the facts, can be beneficial for you and your dental needs.

If you would like to find out about laser dentistry treatments and all the other dental services we offer, contact us and schedule an appointment with our team today!



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