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CT Scanner


Technological developments in dental machinery provide the opportunity to improve the quality of dental treatment and diagnosis for our patients. Dr. Doris Giraldo and the New Dimension Dentistry team are always staying abreast of developments in the field to maximize your personal treatment journey. CT Scanners allow consultants to diagnose and treat patients more accurately than ever before.

What is a CT Scanner?

Computed tomography (CT) Scanners allow our team to create multiple high-quality panoramic images of your lower face and jaw. CT Scanners create many different views and angles to build up images of your teeth and surrounding bones, soft tissue and nerves to more accurately diagnose and locate potential treatment areas. This assists with a more in-depth analysis of what is taking place in your oral cavity.

The technology is much smaller, portable and more sophisticated than traditional X-Ray, as you can have the scan in your initial dental appointment. The specialized technology identifies the best placement for the high-quality panoramic images to be taken, so you don’t have to constantly move or adjust your head angle for repeat scans.

It can complete an initial scan and take multiple images in seconds, with a visual interface for us to quickly view so we can focus more on your needs.

What other benefits does a CT Scanner have over traditional X-Ray?

CT Scanners can help Dr. Giraldo and the New Dimensions Dentistry provide better treatment in a variety of different ways:

  • Provides more accurate and faster analysis of your needs.
  • Decreases the amount of radiation to a very small area.
  • Assists in more accurate placement of dental implants.
  • Helps reduce any unforeseen events during surgery.
  • Assists in surgical planning for impacted wisdom teeth.
  • Allows our team more time spent assisting you.
  • Reduces appointment times and the amount of follow up appointments.
  • Allows our team to collaborate on your best possible course of treatment.
  • No special preparation required ahead of your appointment.

Where will I need to have my CT scan?

The scan can be carried out in our very own dental practice in Midtown East NYC, rather than having to wait for an external X-Ray appointment. No preparation is required – you’ll just need to remove any metal and let us know if you are pregnant.

How will a CT Scanner improve my appointment?

The scan can be carried out quickly and effectively due to a helpful alignment program, reducing the stress and time taken for repeated scans. We can also complete scanning quicker and more effectively as the machine takes high speed images of your oral cavity.

The CT Scanner should reduce the amount of time you spend in your visit with us, and also reduce the need for repeat appointments as we are more quickly able to diagnose and start treatment. The team is also able to use the scanner’s images as a visual aid to more accurately explain your situation to you so you can be more involved in your treatment plan.

Is a CT scan easier for me than a normal X-Ray?

As all scans will take place in our practice, you won’t need to travel further and wait for another appointment.

Other benefits include:

  • Dedicated location software reducing the chance of multiple retakes, saving you time.
  • Robotic arm technology means the machine can take angled images in quick time.
  • Smaller machines make it easier for us to move around you.
  • Visual imaging brings you into the process as you can view the diagnosis easily.
  • Quicker scanning reduces the amount of time you spend in consultation.

How can a CT Scanner help with my dental implants?

The CT Scanner can help you and Dr. Giraldo decide whether dental implants are right for you. A quick scan of your jaw can help us see whether you are ready for dental implants or whether bone grafting is required. It also allows us to guide your dental implants more precisely and accurately, meaning you spend less time getting them fitted.

The scan will also assist us in creating a physical model to make any surgery even more precise, reducing the chances of anything unforeseen occurring during the process. It also creates a perfect map of your nearby teeth, bone structure and nerves, so we know exactly where your dental implant should go.

Does a CT Scanner help with any other treatments?

CT Scanners greatly improve pre-surgical planning for a variety of situations, including impacted wisdom tooth extraction. By allowing our team to take precise images of the affected area, we can see exactly what is going on with your impacted tooth and ensure that it is removed with as little impact on the surrounding area as possible.

Can a CT scan help improve my treatment plan?

In most cases the CT Scanner will help identify the immediate issue through providing high-quality images of your teeth, bone, soft tissue and nerves. This can not only help with a prompt diagnosis, but also allow us to implement a tailored treatment plan right from the offset. The high-quality images can also be used in a collaborative consultation to bring you a thorough and detailed plan that is right for you.

Why choose Dr. Giraldo and the New Dimension Dentistry team?

With 28 years of experience, Dr. Giraldo is truly passionate about her job and the patients she serves. With in-depth knowledge of CT scanning, Dr. Giraldo and the New Dimension Dentistry team is able to offer you insightful knowledge of diagnoses and the treatment required.

We believe in building strong trust and communication with our patients by listening and working with you as partners in your dental care. Our patients enjoy coming to us because our aim is to give you the best experience possible.

We remain committed to bringing you the latest dental advancements so we can better meet your dental needs. Ask Dr. Giraldo and our team for more information today by scheduling your appointment and letting us provide you with all the information you need. Contact us today!


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