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Implant Supported Dentures


When adults lose teeth as they age, there are a few treatment options that may be suitable. Implant supported dentures are often one of the most safe and effective choices for those who want an aesthetically pleasing, long lasting result that will have a positive impact on everyday life.

These dentures are a middle ground between the conventional denture that uses adhesive and the more expensive advanced full-arch dental implants. Ultimately, this type of denture helps to improve the smile and help to keep the mouth as healthy as possible. They look, feel, act like natural teeth, and on top of this they preserve the overall structure of the mouth. They are entirely different to traditional dentures and are much more functional and comfortable.

Implant supported dentures are extremely effective because they can stop the teeth from moving out of the mouth in unnatural ways. Ultimately, this is an affordable option for individuals who need to improve their ability to chew and smile without spending a fortune. You don’t have to avoid any foods like you would with traditional dentures, either, which is a huge bonus. Plus, you can snap this denture on and off as many times as is needed, so cleaning and maintaining the denture is easy.

The Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

There are numerous benefits to opting for implant supported dentures. As we previously mentioned, this is an affordable option that can help many people to improve their ability to chew and smile. The dentures are sturdy and don’t need adhesive, and they function like natural teeth. They are removable, making them very easy to clean, and they have the benefits of preserving gum tissue and bone. Your implant support dentures will rarely need adjustment, unlike regular dentures, and will prevent changes in the jaw that occur following tooth loss. Many patients find that opting for implant supported dentures helps to save them time, money, and hassle over time – not to mention discomfort!

Having implant supported dentures can be somewhat of a revelation when you begin to experience greater confidence and improved quality of life. You will find that you can easily chat with friends, communicate with just about anybody, and enunciate properly without worry. Whether in person or on the phone, your dentures will enable you to speak clearly and comfortably. You can also eat as you would normally with total peace of mind.

  • They look just like natural teeth – your mouth will be precisely measured and impressions of the teeth and gums will be taken. The ideal shape and size for each tooth will then be decided, and once they have been installed, people will have no idea that you are using dentures. The look is extremely natural and a far cry from what people are used to when they hear the word ‘dentures’.
  • A secure fit for every patient – more and more patients are opting for this treatment because there is zero risk of alteration or slippage. Those who rely on traditional dentures will admit that their dentures often slip or change shape in response to jaw bone changes. Implant supported dentures stay secure at all times. You don’t need to worry that your dentures will slip in public and cause any embarrassment.
  • Placement is quick and easy – the placement of dental implants can take time, but implant supported dentures require minimal implants. This makes it much easier to enjoy a full set of teeth in as few as 2 appointments. When compared to your other options, you’ll see that this is a fast solution that can make a big difference. The reason this treatment is becoming more popular is due to the speed.
  • Prevention of bone atrophy – this is perhaps the most important health benefit of implant supported dentures. They provide stimulation to the jawbone, so that when roots are missing, the tooth roots don’t shrink like they would without. Dental implants will stop bone atrophy, which will help the jaw to maintain its shape and strength. With traditional dentures, regular adjustments would be required to accommodate changes in the jaw. However, with these dentures, you may never need an adjustment. This helps to save both time and money over the years.

Other solutions may be cheaper and require less preparation, but these dentures are much better in the long term and can help patients to avoid discomfort, frustration, and wasting time. It’s also important to note the improved quality of life that will be enjoyed thanks to implant supported dentures. As soon as you decide to have implant supported dentures you should find that you begin to experience greater enjoyment of everyday life. Most patients can’t believe the difference that implant supported dentures have had on their lives, especially alongside treatment plans designed to address stress to the jaw.

We want to help every patient achieve a smile they are happy to show off, as well as a healthy, comfortable mouth. We understand this can be a source of great confidence, and this is why we do what we do! We can help you to plan your implant supported dentures alongside other treatment options, so schedule a consultation with our team today.

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If you’d like to learn more about implant supported dentures and how they could help you to live a higher quality of life, schedule an appointment with Dr. Doris Giraldo and her team today. We can discuss your treatment options and help you to figure out whether this is a suitable treatment for you. If you’re struggling with tooth loss or want to replace traditional dentures, implant supported dentures could be the ideal solution for you.

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