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CEREC Primescan AC


Dentists have always had to look for inventive ways to assess their patients. Unlike a regular doctor, oral surgeons won’t get much from reading temperatures, taking blood pressure, or simply asking how you feel; they need to get a good look inside your mouth.

Dental molds use to be the best way to handle this task, with patients having to bite down on a piece of material to leave an impression which can be used later on. A lot has changed in recent years, though, and the CEREC Primescan AC is one of the leading machines on the front line of oral care.

What Is The CEREC Primescan AC?

CEREC has been in the business of dental machinery for more than 30 years. In this time, they’ve built a strong reputation for providing precise and well-designed tools to countless dental practices across the world.

The CEREC Primescan AC is one of their most popular products, providing accurate digital impressions of teeth, while also giving dentists access to a huge range of additional features which make their lives easier.

Here at New Dimension Dentistry, Dr. Doris Giraldo has found a lot of success using the Primescan AC. Many of our patients have been happy to find that the machine provides a non-intrusive method to collect impressions of their teeth, all without forcing them to sit with something in their mouth for a long time.

But how exactly are we putting this powerful tool to use?

How We Use The Primescan AC

There are a range of different dental procedures which can be made more comfortable with a machine like this. Dr. Giraldo has found it to be particularly successful in the case of dental restorations, with the 3D model the Primescan AC provides offering a lot of insight into the state of a patient’s teeth.

Dental Crowns: Crowns are a small cap which sits on top of a tooth, replacing material which has worn or chipped away. The Primescan AC enables Dr. Giraldo to investigate your mouth, along with providing her with the tools to complete the procedure. Having this all in one unit makes the process far faster than using traditional methods.

Dental Bridges: A bridge is a false tooth or a set of false teeth which are designed to perfectly fit into a gap left by your original teeth. Using an intraoral scanner like the Primescan makes it possible to accurately measure the gaps, giving Dr. Giraldo the ability to create seamless bridges which will look incredibly natural compared to your real teeth.

Dental Onlays: An onlay fills the gap between fillings and crowns, and will sit on the chewing surface of your teeth. Having a 3D scan can help a lot with this process, ensuring that our dental team has the information they need to create an onlay which will last for decades.

There are few restorative procedures which can’t be supported by a tool like the Primescan AC. We’ve had a lot of success using this machine on our patients, but the benefits don’t stop with the procedures themselves. Intraoral scanning has proven to be an excellent tool for those working in dental labs, too.

Dentures: It’s unlikely that your teeth are going to stay with you for your whole life. Dentures can solve this problem, but you need a set which perfectly matches the set of teeth you used to have. With a collection of scans from the Primescan AC, Dr. Giraldo’s lab can put together an accurate set of dentures which will feel comfortable and save you from having to adjust to feeling something different in your mouth.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are similar to bridges, but will become a permanent resident inside your mouth. Creating precise dental implants is much easier with a tool like the Primescan AC, as our lab will be given a 3D scan of your mouth to take their measurements from.

Why You Should Choose New Dimension Dentistry

Comfort, speed, and accuracy are just a few of the benefits provided by the Primescan AC which Dr. Giraldo passes to her patients. Alongside this, though, our team has built a strong reputation for providing an excellent service in other areas. You can find some examples of these below.

A Friendly & Knowledgeable Team: Our team works closely together to ensure that patient information is always where it needs to be, while also providing a friendly and welcoming experience to those who need help. You can get in contact to ask about anything, as we’ll happily do whatever we can.

Rapid Procedures, Short Wait Times: We understand that your life is too busy to spend a lot of time in a dental practice. Machines like the Primescan AC make our procedures incredibly fast, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our patients spend as little time waiting to see Dr. Giraldo as possible.

A Comfortable Environment: Our practice is designed with patients in mind, from the comfortable waiting room to the dental chair, and we’re always looking for ways to make your experience even better.

Expert Care: Dr. Giraldo has experience working with patients of all ages and backgrounds, on a vast range of different dental procedures. This has given her the expertise to carry out all of your dental requirements, while also providing a unique insight into the needs of patients. This is what makes our dental practice one of the best in Midtown East NYC.

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