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Nitrous Oxide


Dental Treatment & Nitrous Oxide

Treatment for any ongoing dental issues or newly arisen dental problems can be a daunting prospect and often patients do not know what to expect. We are one of the best dentists in Midtown East NYC that dedicate ourselves to dental health and pride ourselves on exceptional care which also includes the comfort of all our patients. Dental treatment is sometimes a necessity to help deal with any pain or ongoing problems with eating that can easily get in the way of our day to day lives. Dr. Doris Giraldo will ensure you are happy and content with your treatment plan going forward in order to give you the best possible care.

During dental treatments and procedures, we often use Nitrous Oxide, a preferable choice for pain and anxiety relief for you during dental work. We appreciate that treatment can provoke much anxiety and stress into patients’ minds and we aim, as a team, to make treatment as bearable as possible by choosing Nitrous Oxide. We appreciate that patients can feel embarrassed, scared, anxiety-ridden or even unable to book their appointment out of fear, which is why we offer you the option of Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous Oxide is more widely known as laughing gas and whilst there are several types of sedation dentistry, this is incredibly popular and favorable among our patients. It does not affect your breathing or respiratory system, as at least 70% of Nitrous Oxide is infused with oxygen so your breathing is not interrupted in any capacity. It provides you with enough pain relief and relaxation to assist you through your treatment which also is a very good option for those who suffer anxiety upon receiving dental procedures.

Does It Hurt And Is It Easy For Me To Use?

The answer is simple. Yes, it is very easy and it will not hurt in the slightest for it to be administered. As it is gas, it is administered through a mask, there is no worry of intravenous cannulas or any additional pain, you can enjoy the benefits of sedation without any worry about the work being undertaken by your dentist. To continue the benefits of Nitrous Oxide, please see below to appreciate and understand the way in which it works and the reasons why you should opt for this option when visiting us.

  • There is no waiting for it to kick in – with some local anesthetics or IV sedation, there is a wait whilst the medication takes effect with Nitrous Oxide, it is absorbed and works instantaneously which is preferable if you are aiming to go straight back to work. It takes no added time up.
  • It doesn’t make you feel strange – many patients who have received Nitrous Oxide, say that within just twenty seconds, they feel warm, giggly, tingly and generally relaxed and sleepy, it is a brilliant aid for anxiety which our patients are thankful for.
  • There is no lasting effect – there is no worry of any long-lasting effects, such as IV sedation which can take some time to wear off and may leave you feeling a little sluggish or unwell afterward. The Nitrous Oxide dissipates quickly without a trace within only five minutes, which means you will be ready to continue with your day, including drive home or return to work without issue following its usage.
  • It’s a safe option – Nitrous Oxide is only a temporary form of sedation and it leaves the system incredibly quickly which proves safer in the long term for your body. It has zero side effects on any organs in your body, which include the heart, lungs, kidneys or brain; which is a safe option for any patient who has health troubles or long term issues which may be interrupted by IV sedation.
  • It can be customized – if you feel you need more or less of the gas, it can be given in smaller doses, which allows you to be in control of your treatment. It can be very easily controlled and you can speak with Dr. Giraldo as you go, to ensure you are happy and comfortable throughout the entire procedure.
  • Relieves pain – it is an effective pain reliever and works to interfere with certain pain receptors in your brain which will allow you to feel much more comfortable and can also help you avoid the need for any local anesthesia.
  • No needles! – needles and IV sedations can cause anxiety within itself before you have even begun your treatment and Nitrous Oxide provides a great relief. It helps you avoid any needles and is administered through a mask without any pain that can be caused through IVs.
  • There is no gagging – having dental treatments can be daunting for patients who are sensitive to smell and it can cause gagging during treatment which can make it difficult for dentists to continue working. Nitrous Oxide greatly reduces gagging which makes it preferable for those who may be sensitive or have a strong gag reflex.

Completing your dental treatment should not be a difficult issue for any patient and our team wants our patients to receive their treatments without anxiety or worry. We aim to bring patients the very best dental experience and pride ourselves as being one of the best dentists in Midtown East NYC. This is why we are very glad to offer Nitrous Oxide to our patients as a brilliant alternative to other methods and with its minimal risks across the board, it’s an exceptionally good choice for all patients. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!


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