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Biolase Waterlase Laser


Laser dentistry is at the forefront of providing for a wide variety of dental needs, removing the need for handheld drills and creating a more comfortable environment for the patient. The Biolase Waterlase Laser is one of the best in treating soft and hard tissue, increasing the speed of treatment and reducing pain. Dr. Doris Giraldo and the New Dimensions Dentistry team aims to provide you with the latest in advanced dental technology to give you the best experience possible.

What is a Biolase Waterlase Laser?

The Waterlase Laser has been approved and constantly developing over the last ten years for use on both hard and soft tissue dental procedures. Using a combination of laser energy and water (known as HydroPhotonics), it can treat and prepare for root canals, remove decayed tissue and assist in a wide range of tooth, bone and gum procedures at an extremely high speed. Removing the need for scalpels and drills, laser technology reduces pain and provides greater comfort during your dental treatment.

Dr. Giraldo will use a high-quality interface system to select your treatment, and then with the simple press of a foot pedal will be able to guide the advanced laser to fulfill your dental needs.

How does a Biolase Waterlase Laser work?

The Waterlase works by combining water, air and laser energy. When the laser makes contact with the tooth, it excites the water molecules to work on the tooth, so we can move the laser through. The laser constantly sprays water, which also means there is no heat associated with the process and pain is minimized and the treatment is much gentler as a result.

How will a Biolase Waterlase Laser improve my treatment?

There are many ways in which the Biolase Waterlase Laser will improve your experience, particularly if you are an anxious patient. We put your needs first and want to ensure you have the most stress-free experience possible.

We use the Biolase Waterlase Laser because it:

  • Increases comfort as a gentler, less invasive method compared to older treatments.
  • Minimizes pain by reducing the need for heat in the process.
  • Reduces repeat appointments as multiple processes can be completed in a shorter time.
  • Has a friendly and ergonomic design so we can spend more time helping patients.
  • Cuts the tooth without high volumes of vibration or pressure.
  • Reduces the need for anesthesia or shots with certain procedures.
  • Caters to patients with sensitive teeth with a comfort mode.

The simple user interface and ergonomic design makes it much easier for our team at New Dimensions Dentistry to carry out procedures – meaning we have more time to spend with you discussing your treatment.

What about post-treatment?

The Biolase Laser also assists in the post-treatment recovery process through reducing associated risks and minimizing the need for further treatment by:

  • Reducing bleeding (coagulation) as the laser aids the clotting of exposed blood vessels.
  • Minimizing bacterial infection and cross-contamination through sterilization.
  • Reducing damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • Increasing wound healing and tissue regeneration.
  • Decreasing the chance of heat damage and microfractures.
  • Minimizing postoperative swelling.
  • Reducing postoperative pain and therefore the need for pain medication.

What treatments can the Biolase Waterlase Laser be used for?

Dr. Giraldo and the New Dimensions Dentistry team can provide you with the following in Biolase Waterlase Laser treatments:

Root Canal Treatment

The Biolase Waterlase Laser helps us navigate your full root canal treatment. Our lasers are designed to assist in tooth preparation and grant us access to your root canal, remove damaged tissue and clean post-treatment. The laser sanitizes the wound, reducing the chance of post-infection and encouraging tissue regeneration.

Cavity Preparation

If one or more of your teeth have a cavity, our laser will be able to complete the preparation process without the use of a traditional handheld drill – reducing pain with the gentler action. As the process is faster too, Dr. Giraldo may be able to prepare multiple sites in one visit, potentially reducing your need for repeat visits.

Decay Removal

A Biolase Waterlase Laser can clear areas of decay more precisely than a traditional drill, saving more healthy parts of your tooth. This can result in longer-lasting dental fillings, and additionally reduces the risk of post-infection, protecting your teeth for longer.

Laser Bacterial Reduction

New Dimensions Dentistry prioritizes the health of its clients, and we know that most concerns start in the oral cavity. We want to reduce the associated links between diabetes, heart disease and pregnancy complications by removing harmful bacteria from your mouth. Our laser reduction aims to reduce bacteria, cross-contamination and reduce gum and related tissue (together known as periodontal) diseases. Learn more about laser bacterial reduction.

Smile Design

We understand that your smile is important to you, and want to make sure we use the latest technology to give you that practically perfect smile. The Biolase Waterlase Laser allows us to sculpt your soft tissue and gums to give you a symmetrical smile. It also permits preparation for restorative treatments including porcelain veneers and dental crowns.

Our laser treatments include a wide range of bone, tooth and gum procedures, as well as general dentistry for your enamel and dentin. Give Dr. Giraldo and our team a call today to find out more about your options.

Why choose Dr. Giraldo and the New Dimension Dentistry team?

With 28 years of experience, Dr. Giraldo is one of the best in laser treatments, as a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and the World Clinical Laser Institute. Dr. Giraldo and the New Dimension Dentistry team want to give our patients the best possible experience and so are committed to bringing you the latest advanced dental technology so you are as relaxed, comfortable and happy as possible.

We offer a full range of laser treatments, so please contact us so we can discuss your options further. We are passionate about the patient experience and want to engage with you as much as we can. Let us provide you with a tailored treatment experience.


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